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Onko Genetics


Our Cancer NGS panel has reached 103 genes!

We added 25 new genes to our cancer panel. Genetic Passport presents the largest cancer panel in the genetic testing market.

All in One

Genetic Check-Up based on molecular DNA analysis of 150 gene regions. 

Genetic Passport determines the risks of nearly 40 genetic diseases, ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's, sports performance to obesity, and diabetes.


GENETIC PASSPORT® STARTED TO GIVE COVID-19 TEST SERVICE.! offer the qRT-PCR method to analyze virus RNA that is accepted by;

-FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

-WHO (World Health Organization)

-DCD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 

NEW //
Genetic IQ 

Genetic Passport® is initiating a scientific debate in education and behavioral sciences with a 'Genetic Passport IQ' test based on molecular DNA analysis of 52 gene regions.

Correlations between differences in individuals’ DNA IQ scores could lead to genetic testing of intelligence, and even suitability for a university or a job career.

● Digital Intelligence
● Verbal Intelligence
● Visual Intelligence
● Emotional Intelligence

● Nonverbal Intelligence (Non - Verbal)
● Positive Intelligence (Ability to learn from mistakes)

and much more...

SPORTS NEWS // Athletic Performance
We expand Pro Gen Panel

With PRO® test panel, even athletes who are professional use their genetic advantages in the best way, with the Genetic Trainer PRO® Test panel, athletes are now protected from genetic disadvantages and their limits are much higher, disability and health risks elimination!

We fight to obesity with more than 60 genes
3145 (1).jpg

DNA analysis of more than 60 gene regions. Now it is possible to weaken healthier and permanently with scientific exercise and nutrition methods suitable based on the genetic structure! In addition, obesity, diabetes (type1 / type2), heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. it is possible to detect risks in advance. 

Fotolia_81323568_M (1).jpg
Bological Relationship //

- Paternity test

- Mothernity test

​​- Siblingship test

- Grandparantage test


DNA paternity testing is the use of DNA profiles to determine whether an individual is the biological parent of another individual. Paternity testing can be especially important when the rights and duties of the father are in issue and a child's paternity is in doubt. Tests can also determine the likelihood of someone being a biological mother, sibling, or grandparent.

WEG (Whole Genom Sequencing) //

WGS is the most comprehensive tool for identifying the full range of genetic variations. Including the non-coding regions of the genome in the analysis can considerably improve the diagnosing of genetically and phenotypically heterogeneous diseases.

Our high quality data and thorough interpretation of analysis results contribute substantially to diagnosing complex diseases or diseases with atypical phenotype.

Lab method:Next generation sequencing


Indications for genetic testing:

1. Confirmation of clinical diagnosis
2. Diagnosing of genetically and phenotypically heterogeneous group of disorders
3. Testing patients with atypical phenotype and undiagnosed diseases
4. Diagnosis of patients with genetic disorders for which diagnostic panels are not available
5. Genetic counseling

We establish the market!

Genetic Passport® is copyrighted in the selection of sports branches suitable for genetic structure. Genetic Passport is the world's most advanced system in sports genetics with all-purpose innovations and test panels. (Sports Branch Choice - Injury&Recovery- Exercise & Nutrition) 


- Who is more durable?

- Who is more loyal to orders?

- Who can take more risks?

- Who has leadership qualities?

- Who can decide under stress?

- Who has killer genes?

- Who dies fast?

- Who carries cardiovascular risks

- Who carries disability risks


Genetic Passport® NGAP (Next-generation Army Project) is a unique project carried out with the armies, special forces, police, and security forces! For data security, Genetic Passport does not request the credentials of the people to be analyzed for DNA from the security forces. DNA samples are accepted with code numbers only. The analysis results defined in the code numbers and the security of the identity information are under the responsibility of the institution requesting the project.

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