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Ashkenazi Jewish Diseases
Carrier Testing
Cystic Fibrosis
Female Infertility 
Folate-Dependent Neural Tube Defects
Fragile X Syndrome
Male Factor Infertility 
Maternal Cell Contamination
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
Whole Exon Sequencing

Whole Genom Sequencing

Genetic Passport Reprogenetics comprises tests to determine the carrier status of severe genetic diseases.

Carrier testing is useful for individuals with a family history of a genetic disorder and for people in certain ethnic groups with an increased risk of genetic conditions. The testing provides physicians and their patient's valuable information for making calculated decisions regarding family planning and condition management.

Tests related to reproductive problems are also included in this testing selection. There are two main purposes of genetic testing – the identification of the infertility causes and optimization of the assisted reproductive technology. Genetic testing can play a significant role in improving the reproductive outcomes of infertile couples. Moreover, couples would benefit from more fully informed decisions.

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